Where does money go?

just so you know that not all donations goes on biscuits and cakes...

Christian Flatshare (CFS) is a non-profit organisation.

CFS makes money when people click on the external adverts on CFS, and from donations kindly given by members and supporters. Money collected from these sources contribute to CFS's day-to-day running costs.

Christian Flatshare is passionate about providing a fast, reliable, easy-to-use, robust, smart, helpful and fun website to serve the Christian community well and to provide a service and a tool for Christian communities. CFS's running costs are kept to a minimum, and those that administer CFS do so on a voluntary basis.


Any money raised beyond CFS' operating expenses are given to the charities and Christian ministries detailed below.

Should you have any enquiries about CFS please don't hesitate to contact us.

Christian Flatshare is for finding homes, for growing churches and for building communities; and for helping a few others along the way...

Map of good causes


Epic Arts
Epic Arts is an arts education charity established in 2001 which promotes inclusion, social integration and community regeneration through the transformative power of creativity. Epic Arts runs projects in schools and hospitals in the UK and Cambodia.

Hearts of Hope
Hearts of Hope builds homes for vulnerable and orphaned children who have been and are being affected by HIV/Aids during their lives in southern Africa.

Insights for Life
Insights for Life addresses the crisis of family breakdown by seeking to strengthen couple & parent relationships equip them for the major transitions of life.

Philemon Prison Ministries
Philemon Prison Ministries began its outreach to prisons in 2002 with the aim of embracing serving and former prisoners and their families with the love and forgiveness that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ. Philemon recognises the overwhelming challenges former prisoners face.

Rainbow Farm
Rainbow Farm is a Brazilian orphanage and community farm, based on a 100 ace working farm near Belo Horizonte, in South-Eastern Brazil.

SPEAR is designed to spark a transformation in the lives of unemployed young people in west London. SPEAR runs an eight week programme tailored to ensure each student finds a new sense of vision and direction.

The Tropical Health and Education Trust provides training for frontline health workers in the poorest places, and developing the capacity of local health institutions. Established in 1988, THET has developed long-term partnerships in eight African countries and with over sixteen UK hospitals.

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